Caterpillars Can’t Fly

Imagine with me that you are a creepy, crawly caterpillar. You crawl around from leaf to leaf, eating them all up as you go along. You are happy with your creepy, crawly life until a butterfly comes along and tells you that you need to learn to fly. After all, aren’t caterpillars supposed to turn into butterflies? Of course! You admire the beautiful butterfly flitting overhead. He has such beautiful wings, and he floats so gracefully along above the flowers. “Wow,” you think. “It really would be wonderful to be a butterfly. Flying must be so much better than just crawling around on the ground. I’m going to learn to fly!”

Health by Faith

There are many confusing ideas about health and healing in the world. There are several major worldviews when it comes to understanding health and disease. A major worldview, which comes out of Babylon, is the idea that the human is a microcosm of the universe, and that health is the result of universal energy flowing through the individual in an unhindered manner. In this worldview, disease is caused by “blockages” of that universal energy as it flows through an individual. Treatment, therefore, focuses on removing those blockages and restoring proper energy flow. In many of these healing forms a therapist attempts to manipulate the energy of the patient, certain substances are applied or consumed, or the sufferer participates in certain exercises or meditation to bring about healing.