Bible School

Welcome to the New Paradigm Ministries Bible School. Our Bible School is here to help you understand the concepts of the Bible better and apply them to your life so that you experience lasting, beneficial change. For many, the Bible appears to be lifeless. To others, it has been positively harmful, not because the Bible itself is harmful, but because it has been used by others in a harmful way (to exacerbate guilt, for example). We assure you, there is much beauty and harmony in the Bible. It is wonderful. It is like a love letter to you from God Himself. It contains all of the counsel and help that you need to navigate life and emerge completely victorious. So, as we explore the Bible together, let’s learn how to see it through the eyes of love.
Below, you will find several sections. First of all, there are our own, Law of Life Bible Studies that you will find in text and in video format. The topics build upon each other, so make sure you start with the first one and then progress from there. Next, you will find a Bible study series put together by my friend, Mark Finley, called Studying Together. This is a wonderful, succinct set of Bible studies that has blessed many people throughout the years. I highly recommend it. Take your own Bible with you, look up the texts yourself, ask for the Lord’s help in understanding what is written there, and think deeply about what you read. You will get out of it what you put into it. There are also links to other wonderful Bible study series from other ministries that you will find beneficial as well.
May you be abundantly blessed as you discover the beauty of the Bible and the God of the Bible.