Board of Directors

Mark Sandoval MD

Mark Sandoval, MD is the co-founder of New Paradigm Ministries and H.E.A.L.T.H. by the Book, past President and Medical Director of Uchee Pines Institute, and past Health Ministries Director of the Gulf States Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Dr. Sandoval is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine, but he has practiced Lifestyle Medicine and natural remedies exclusively for the last decade. He is also a Biblical counselor, which is the focus of his ministry and practice at this time. Dr. Sandoval is a husband, father, author, and speaker. He enjoys helping people through their crises, spending time with his family, taking pictures, playing the piano, and traveling and sharing with others.

LeEtta Sandoval

LeEtta Sandoval, RN is the co-founder of New Paradigm Ministries. A nurse by profession, Mrs. Sandoval now spends most of her days homeschooling, directing the responsibilities of the Sandoval home, and running the Jesus’ Little Jewel ministry and Better Living Creations (the family business). She keeps busy making sure everything runs smoothly in the Sandoval home. She enjoys taking walks with the family, traveling, cooking, sewing, and being with animals.

Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas, BBA-Accounting, is the Manager at Country Life Natural Foods and Vegetarian Restaurant in Columbus Georgia. Previously, Jay spent more than a decade training Literature Evangelists, and serving as Adult Literature Ministries Coordinator for the Michigan Conference. Jay has served in overseas missions, as well as helping 501c3 ministries in the US with accounting. He is a husband, father, and grandfather.

Steve Dickman

Board Chairman

Steve Dickman has served in the capacity of president and general business manager at Harbert Hills Academy, President of Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries, assists with leadership for The Layman foundation, The E.A. Southerland Education Association, and currently serves as the president of Outpost Centers International. Encouraging supporting ministries, evangelism, and mission work are some of Steve’s favorite activities. 

Christopher Carmen

Christopher Carmen, JD is a board member of New Paradigm Ministries. He is a lawyer by profession and has worked for Loma Linda University Medical Center and Adventist Risk Management. Currently, he spends most of his time managing various businesses in real estate, mechanics and waste management. Mr. Carmen is very involved with his local church where he serves as an elder and helps with Pathfinders. He serves on the Gulf States Conference Executive Committee and various sub-committees. He is also involved in ministries that support the world-wide SDA Church. Mr. Carmen is a husband and father of two. He enjoys reading, traveling, working on projects and spending time with his family.

Ashwin Sukumaran

Ashwin was born and raised in Maryland, USA and has been at Uchee Pines Institute for over 7 years. He is currently serving as the Administrator of the Lifestyle Center and as one of the providers on the medical staff. He spends his time preaching, teaching and helping lifestyle guests in lifestyle centers, hospitals, churches, and communities around the world. God has opened doors for him to reach out to the professional community as he also trains physicians and other health care professionals in Christ’s method of healing. Additionally, he finds more opportunity to help church members to get involved in ministry through ASI Southern Union Chapter as VP of Gulf States Conference. Though each opportunity comes with trials and sacrifices, he considers himself richly blessed to work alongside the Great Physician, seeing miracles every day, especially the miracle of healing in his own heart. Ashwin’s heavy burden is to see God’s Remnant people take up the great and prophetic Gospel Medical Missionary Work, which the Lord used to personally help Ashwin become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian who finds all he needs in a deep and sincere relationship with Jesus.