New Paradigm Ministries is interested in helping you through your personal/relationship struggles or health challenges by providing one-on-one consultations with our counselors and providers.

Counseling Appointments

New Paradigm Ministries recognizes that everyone struggles with personal issues. Those issues may seem to be very different and may manifest in many different ways, but there are simple solutions to our complex problems. And those solutions can be found in seeing our problems from a different perspective (from a new paradigm).
Much of our problem with issues is how we perceive the problem. This is not to say that the problem is only inside of us. There are very real problems outside of us. Significant problems. But when we have the correct perspective, we can handle those problems well and can find solutions that we weren’t even looking for.
Our Biblical counselors are here to help you through your difficulties so that you can find freedom, peace and joy, and can live a life of meaning and purpose. Freedom is wonderful, and it is possible for you!
If you would like one of our counselors to help you with your difficulties, we would be glad to help you. Just book an appointment, and we will be honored to walk with you to freedom.

Health Consultations

New Paradigm Ministries’ providers have had many years of experience in caring for individuals with lifestyle-related diseases. We have conducted many phone consultations, in-person appointments, and have cared for persons in intensive, residential lifestyle programs. From cardiovascular disease to diabetes to obesity to cancer to autoimmune disease and more, we have cared for thousands of individuals, helping them to adopt the healthiest lifestyle possible within the context of their disease.
If you are wanting to get to the root of your condition and gain insight into what you can do (in the comfort of your own home) to begin reversing your disease process and regain your health, schedule an appointment with one of our providers, and we will be honored to give you the tools you need to be as healthy as possible in the context of your disease.