Future Goals

The Restoring LIFE Book

Dr. Sandoval will soon be writing the Restoring LIFE book. This book will take you from the background of believing and succumbing to lies and will bring you to an understanding of the truth that will set you free—free from depression, damaged relationships, disease, and more. LIFE stands for Living Free, Improving Relationships, Finding Purpose, and Experiencing Health, and it is exactly this LIFE that the Restoring LIFE book will help you gain and maintain. The outline of the Restoring LIFE book will then become the format upon which the following projects will be based.

The Restoring LIFE Workbook

The Restoring LIFE workbook will follow the Restoring LIFE book and will be for the purpose of helping you understand how to apply the LIFE principles that you learn in the book. The Restoring LIFE workbook will amplify and expand upon the topics covered, providing additional examples and illustrations, as well as thought questions, activities, and assignments to help you apply the LIFE principles to your personal circumstances.

The LIFE Restoration App

The LIFE Restoration App will be developed after the Restoring LIFE book and workbook are completed. The app will follow the outline of topics from the book, while integrating the workbook in a digital fashion. The app will include short video segments on each topic that you can download or stream and watch as many times as you need to. The app will also allow you to have a private, password-protected account that will save your information and responses as well as track your progress over time. It will give you the ability to document your LIFE history and share it, along with your LIFE Restoration progress, with your LIFE Restoration Coach if you choose to utilize that service. It will also give you access to specialty videos and articles, as well as chat rooms and support groups among other users of the app.

The LIFE Coach Course

The LIFE Coach Course will be developed after the LIFE Restoration App is completed. Users who have satisfactorily completed all modules of the app will be eligible to apply for the course. The course will include pre-recorded, online classes with assignments and evaluations, as well as in-person training, followed by live, virtual apprenticeship. The purpose of the course is to train lay individuals to become effective Biblical counselors, utilizing the Restoring LIFE book and workbook and/or the LIFE Restoration App as well as the Biblical counseling techniques learned in the course to help others restore LIFE.

The LIFE Restoration Community Program

After the LIFE Coach Course is developed, we will focus on developing the LIFE Restoration Community Program. The purpose of the LIFE Restoration Community Program will be to provide a facilitator-led, group program (like popular addiction recovery programs) that can be run by facilitators in local churches or communities to help their community members restore LIFE in their own lives. This program will include a facilitator kit with all instructions and materials needed to conduct the program. And it will utilize the Restoring Life book and workbook, as well as the LIFE Restoration App. If participants of the program need additional help, they can be connected with LIFE Coaches for more focused assistance.

LIFE Transformation Programs

Finally, we will develop long-term, residential LIFE Transformation Programs that will focus on restoring individuals from significant challenges (addictions, abuse, etc.) to LIFE. These programs will also utilize the LIFE principles as outlined in the Restoring LIFE book and workbook and the LIFE Restoration App, but will be conducted over a significant period of time (9-18 months) under the supervision of qualified LIFE Coaches. These LIFE Transformation Programs will provide a loving, structured, spiritual environment, as well as life skills and work training, and will be located in multiple locations so that the local and regional needs of these precious souls can be met.