Rice Cream

Blend until very creamy, adding just enough water to keep a whipped cream-like consistency. May add fresh or frozen bananas or strawberries or other fruit of your choice. Chill before serving.

Cashew Cream

Blend until smooth and creamy. May add any type of fruit: bananas, strawberries, etc, to make a tasty cream. (For diabetics, remember to limit to 1 helping of sweet fruits daily, of which dates are included)

Grape Jam or Syrup

Heat in saucepan:
Boil until raisins are plump. Blend until raisins are in small pieces. Add 1 c grape juice and bring back to boil in saucepan. Mix 3 T arrowroot or cornstarch with 3 T grape juice until smooth and add to grape mixture. Stir constantly until thickened. Chill. Good on toast. For syrup add an additional 1 cup of grape juice.

Fruit Syrup

Heat 1 c of juice with raisins and simmer till raisins are soft. Place in blender and blend till raisins are small pieces. Return to pan, add 1 ¾ c apple juice and bring to boil. Mix corn starch with reserved ¼ c juice and add to pan. Heat till bubbly and thickened. Serve over pancakes, waffles or French toast. May also use any combination of 100% fruit juice or any dried fruit combination of your liking.

Fruit Cream

Blend first two ingredients until smooth and creamy then add remaining ingredients and blend till smooth. Serve over waffles or French toast. May vary fruit juices or fresh fruit used to suit your liking.

Banana Sauce

Blend until smooth. Delicious over waffles, pancakes, or cereal. May use other juices or fruit for variety.

Cashew Banana Cream

Blend cashews with the pineapple juice until creamy. Add remaining ingredients. Freeze slightly and serve.

Carob Fudge Topping

Blend first 3 ingredients till smooth, then add remaining ingredients and stir well or blend. Chill. Spread on waffles or French toast and top with cashew banana cream, delicious!

Pretty-n-Pink Fruit Cream

Place bananas, strawberries, and half of pineapple in blender. Blend until smooth. Add remaining pineapple and pulse for a few seconds. If you want it smooth, without any pineapple chunks, just blend it all together.
This is a great topping for waffles, toast, or cereal.